Artist Statement

My medium of choice is oils. I love to paint landscapes and seascapes, especially influenced by the beauty of Cape Cod In the course of creating my paintings, I keep the time of day, source of light, and the mood or feelings of the subject in mind. My style is traditional realism in the style of the tonalists.

I love to try new and different techniques, and I feel as though I learn something every time I pick up a paintbrush. My paintings capture a point in time, a place I have visited, an event I have attended, a person I have met, or a feeling I have felt. I paint not only for the joy of the process, but to tell a story. I hope that the viewer enjoys the aesthetic of the work and that it evokes a feeling or transports them to another time and place.

My photography has developed as a way for me to capture those fleeting moments that come along while helping me better see and examine the world. They are often the inspiration for my paintings.

Both painting and photography allow me to "stop and smell the roses", and, in turn, share my experiences with others.

Mary Kay Ebersold